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we strive for an arresting kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes, and colors to help fuel the narrative that being active is a lifestyle, not a look. if you're interested in our intrepid style of representation, please follow the submission guidelines below.


our clients are currently looking for:

• kids that are size 9 months (can sit up on their own) up to 12 years
• pre-teens/teens and are 5'6" and still growing
• women that are 5'7" +
• men that are 6'0" +
(there are always exceptions, so please don't hesitate to submit!)

what to submit:

• 1 smile headshot
• 1 side profile 
• 1 full-length body shot
• 1 two-piece swimwear full-length body shot with hair up (teen/adult females 18+ only)
• 1 shorts-only full-length body shot (teen/adult males only)


we are always on the lookout for new and unique actors that get our pulses racing.

what to submit:

• current headshot
• current resume
• reel or a few select links to your work (include in the notes section)

personal information



waist up
full length